Johnny Winter’s Official 12″ Vinyl and Music CD Discography

This is the discography of Johnny Winter official recordings. The albums are listed in alphabetical order of the album name.  Detailed descriptions of each of the albums are available by clicking the links of each album. 
Note: for the moment you can find the unofficial records, by using the discography section on the left hand side of the website.

Johnny Winter AND 
In September 1970 this album “Johnny Winter And” of Johnny together with Rick Derringer and the McCoys reaches #154 in the Billboard charts.

Johnny Winter And & And Live

A double LP album which contains both albums “Johnny Winter And” and “Johnny Winter And Live”

Johnny Winter And – Live 

Johnny Winters’s first official Live album recorded at the Fillmore East in October 1970

Johnny Winter – Captured Live 

Captured Live recorded At: Swing Auditorium San Diego Sports Arena Oakland Coliseum in 1976

Johnny Winter – Deluxe Edition 

This album is compilation of Johnny Winter records during his recording period at Alligator records. Johnny Winter Deluxe Edition contains two songs which have not previously released: “Georgianna” , “Nothing but the Devil”-

Johnny Winter – The Essential Johnny Winter 

This 2CD Set album “The Essential Johnny Winter” is a compilation of officially released Johnny Winter songs, performed during the 70s and 80s, while Johnny was recording for CBS Records.

Johnny Winter – Guitar Slinger 

Guitar Slinger was released in 1984 and is nominated for a grammy award for “Best tradional blues recording”. 

Johnny Winter – Hey Where is Your Brother?

With a groovy rhythm section 48 years old Winter shows who is allowed to call himself the true master of the six (and sometimes twelve) strings.

Johnny Winter – I’m a Bluesman

Johnny Winter’s album “I’m a Bluesman” was nominated for a Grammy in November 2004

John Dawson Winter III

John Dawson Winter III represents a step forward for Johnny, with more emphasis on his exceptional blues-rock guitar work. The record features five new Johnny Winter compositions as well as songs written especially for Johnny by such notables as John Lennon and Rick Derringer.

Johnny Winter aka Black Album

Johnny Winter’s first official album aka the Black Album is released by CBS

Johnny Winter – Let Me In

What’s most impressive about LET ME IN is the variety of emotional and musical textures Winter can summon with the constraints of his primarily balls-out style… The Mad Albino is still at the top of his game.

Johnny Winter – Live In NYC

Johnny Winter recorded on 14 and 16 April 1997 at the Bottom Line, New York City.

Johnny Winter – Nothing But The Blues

This album “Nothing But The Blues”, which marks Johnny Winter’s return to his musical roots: THE BLUES

Johnny Winter – The Progressive Blues Experiment

Johnny Winter together with “Uncle” John Turner and Tommy Shannon recorded Recorded: Vulcan Gas Company nightclub, Austin Texas 1967. To capture Johnny’s “guttural, edgy” sound (as CREEM magazine writer Lester Bangs described it), Sonobeat recorded The Progressive Blues Experiment at the Vulcan, where the band could play at full throttle. Although the album has a distinctive live sound, raw and primal, it was recorded during daylight hours without an audience.

Johnny Winter – Raisin Cain

Initially the CD release of “Raisin Cain” was released only with limited numbers in Europe and became a collector’s item. In 2007 the CD of “Raisin Cain” has been re-issued and is now generally available.

Johnny Winter – Roots

Johnny Winter first album after a break of 7 years since 2004.

Johnny Winter – Saints and Sinners

Originally released in February 1974, Saints & Sinners was re-issued on February 27, 1996 with the previously unreleased song “Dirty,” a Winter original, added. The slide guitar-and-flute track is not consistent with the rest of the album, but it is interesting to hear.

Johnny Winter – Second Winter

Johnny Winter’s album: “Second Winter” was originally released around October 1969 and reached Billboard position 55 on 6 December 1969.

Johnny Winter – Serious Business

“Serious Business” gives you more of what made Guitar Slinger one of the best sellers in Alligator history – searing blues guitar, raw vocals, and the rampaging Winter attack. No horns, no background vocals, no strings, no synthesizers.

Johnny Winter – Step Back

“Step Back” is the last full length studio album of Johnny Winter.

Johnny Winter – Still Alive and Well

After a rest period of two years, Johnny Winter returns with the album “Still Alive and Well” in 1973

Johnny Winter – 3rd Degree

Johnny Winter’s “Third Degree (3rd Degree)” was recored and released in 1986

Johnny and Edgar Winter – Together

Johnny and Edgar Winter perform together

Johnny Winter – White Hot and Blue

Johnny Winter’s “White, Hot and Blue” scores #141 on the Billboard Charts on 26 August 1978

Johnny Winter – Winter Of ’88

The release of Winter of ’88, his debut LP for the MCA distributed Voyager label, clearly demonstrates that the guitarist’s touch has only improved with time.

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