Roy Buchanan and The Snake Stretchers

Comments by Francicso J.R. Silva: On the original LP version, the name Roy Buchanan did not appear on sleeve, not a common sleeve, but a burlap-bag stencilled cover, on BIOYA label ( Blow It Out Your Ass), and the actual name of “One of Three”. Inside a sheet lack of liner notes, looking like the old time bootlegs. I saw an ad in “Goldmine” circa ‘ 93 commanding this original version on $ 150.00! It is believed that the original version had a release of 500 copies, note that many bootleg/fake/counterfelts exist.

‘Cause the collector’s market demand, a bootleg LP version was released, on Habla Label HBL 20134 , with a deluxe brown gatefold cover and black & white pictures inside.

There are three CD versions of it. The first one, circa ‘ 90, on the bootleg label “Aulica” # 109 with two more tracks: “My Baby is Sweeter” and “Roy’s Tune”. The other two CD versions appeared ‘ 92 / ‘ 93, with the same track list of the original. One version appearing exactly a CD version of the LP: only a blank label on the CD, a burlap-bag and a sheet, with some more liner notes. The other version, a more comercial appeal, with a decent sleeve and the complete story of the set, that I’m telling now. It was released by “Genes ( Jen Is) CD Co.” # GCD 7519.


  • Roy Buchanan – Lead Guitar & Vocals
  • Ned Davis – Drums
  • Dick Heintze – organ & piano
  • Teddy Irwin – Rhythm Guitar
  • Chuck Tilley – Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
  • Peter Van Allen – Bass
  • Marc Fisher – Tamborine


  • Sweet dreams
  • Down by the river
  • Since you have been gone
  • I am a lonesome fugitive
  • Messiah will come again
  • Johnny B.Goode