This page lists the people who have played in his bands or whom he has recorded songs.

Bobby Caldwell – Drums during 1970-1971, 1974

Bobby Torello – Drums during 1977-1983

Billy Branch – Harmonica, albums: “Guitar Slinger” , “Let Me In”, “Hey Where is Your Brother”, 1984, 1991,1992

Clarence Garlow 1960s

Dan Hartman – bass/drums on “Saints and Sinners” and “Raisin’ Cain”, 1974, 1980

Dan Polson – bass in Johnny and the Jammers, during 1959-1962

Douglas Brockie – 2nd Guitar, during 1973-1974

Dr John aka Malcolm John Rebennack – Piano on “Third Degree”,  “Hey Where is Your Brother?” and supporting Johnny Winter during several European Tours.

Edgar Winter – piano, sax on numerous albums

Floyd Radford – Rhythm Guitar, during 1972-1976

Isaac Payton Sweat Bass on “White Hot and Blue”, performing with Johnny Winter during the 1960s and in 1978

James Montgomery –Vocals/harp worked with Johnny Winter during the period 2002-2014.

Jeff Ganz – Bass, “Let me In”, “Hey where is your Brother”, “Susie”, with Johnny Winter during 1989-1995

Uncle John Turner – Drums, The Progressive Blues Experiment , Johnny Winter , The First Album , Hot , Second Winter , Third Degree , Back in Beaumont, 1968-1969

Jon Paris  –Bass/harp 1979-1989

Mark Potowsky aka Moe Potts 1984

Mark Epstein – Bass, 1996-2001?

Norm Samaha – Drums (1960s), Norm Samaha played with Johnny during the ’60’s but dropped out of music and may still be living in the Beaumont area.

Pat Ramsey Harp, 1978 “White Hot and Blue”

Pat Rush 1978 Guitar, “White Hot and Blue”

Paul Nelson – Guitar/bass 2001-2014

Randy Jo Hobbs – Bass, 1970-1974

Richard Hughes – Drums 1973-1974

Randy Z – Drums 1970

Rick Derringer – Guitar/vocals 1970-1972

Scott Spray – Bass 2002-2014

Steve Highfield 1960s

Tom Compton – Drums 1984-2001

Tommy Shannon – Bass 1969-1970

Vito Luizzi – Drums 1999-2001

Wayne June – Drums 2002-2014

Willard Chamberlain – Sax 1960s