Steve remembers from those days: knew Johnny Winter originally beginning in 1964, and the last time I hung out with him was at the Fillmore West in 1969. He had a great sense of humor and frequently laughed at my off-the-wall remarks. One night we drove through a grave yard to hang out. He loved it. We performed together at several night clubs in Nacogdoches, and would sometimes sing “Time Is On My Side” as a duo. Johnny was paid more than I, but I remember making $10 per night. We were staying at an old turn-of-the-century walk-up hotel that was so run down, the rent was free. You just moved into the dump and the attendant never bothered about who was coming or going. One night, I was doing a James Brown impersonation in the hallway, and the attendant–(realizing I was living there)–laughed uncontrollably over my impression. Johnny and I would eat at a nearby all-you-eat steak house for $1.25 per meal. Steve recorded two records with Johnny Winter: Avoid Me/I’ve Gotta Cry and Scandal/Stay By My Side