Paul Nelson joined Johnny Winter’s band in 2003 by replacing Scott Spray on bass several times. In 2004 Paul Nelson plays guitar on Johnny’s album: “I’m a Bluesman”

Paul Nelson played bass for part of the California leg of the 2003 tour performing at the “Aqua Bar” in Citrus Heights, CA and the “House of Blues” in Hollywood, CA and Webster Theater, CT 2004. He has co-written the song “Shakedown” “Pack Your Bags” and the title track “I’m a Bluesman” on Johnny Winter’s Grammy nominated Virgin/EMI record release along with being featured as second guitarist throughout the rest of the CD. He has also been Johnny’s ongoing tour manager and personal guitar assistant for his 2001, 2002 and 2003 and 2004 tours. I met him in Nashville and he does seem like a nice guy.

Paul Nelson on Johnny Winter during an interview

Johnny Winter’s seen and done it all.

Yes he certainly has!

It had to be quite a kick in the pants to learn that you were not only going to be performing with him, but that he was recording your songs!

I can’t begin to tell you how many amazing stories he’s shared with me over the past several years, from Hendrix to Woodstock and beyond. As far as our collaboration on his new CD, he had asked me to sit in with him on several live dates on the West coast for his 2003 tour. I had already written the song called “Shakedown” for the release, and it was when we were in California rehearsing that he asked me to join him playing on that song. Soon Johnny told me he was still looking to record a few more songs, so together with Scott Spray (bass) I co-wrote “Pack You Bags” and the title track, “I’m a Bluesman”. And again while Johnny and I were in Germany he asked me to join him not only on those two new tracks, but on the rest of the CD as well. Next thing I know I’m in the studio playing track after track, side by side with Johnny, tearing it up.

How’d you hook up with Johnny?

Paul Nelson had met Johnny Winter when he was just finishing up composing and laying down guitar tracks for the WWF’s extreme football league [XFL] at Carriage House Studios on the East coast. Johnny was booked to record tracks for his own project after us. We met there and the rest is history.