Jeff Ganz was the bass player with Johnny Winter’s band from May 1989 until July 1995

Bass Player Magazine (July 1998) issue and there’s a short article on Jeff Ganz under the regular feature “Bass At Work” by Chris Jisi on page 28.

Jeff is evidently well-known for his 8-string bass playing.

Jeff Ganz also played with Roy Buchanan and toured with Roy in 1986

Jeff’s entry in the Guestbook of the “Get Winterized” web-site: Hi All – I was Johnny’s bassist and vocalist from May, 1989 until July of 1995. Playing with Johnny Winter and the great Tom Compton was an incredible experience! I feel very lucky and proud to have toured the world and recorded the very well-received “Let Me In”, “Hey, Where’s Your Brother?” and the track “Susie” on John Lee Hooker’s “Mr. Lucky” with that incredible band. If anyone wants to know where I’ve been and where I’m going, please check out my website ( Best to all in the New Year!!! JG