Randy Jo Hobbs – Bass Guitar

He died from drug use at the age of 45 on 5-Aug-1993. They found him in a hotel room in Dayton, Ohio. Bar stories say it seems he just couldn’t kick the drugs.  Buried in Union City, Indiana

Photos of Randy Jo Hobbs marriage. Click on the photo at the right to see the full-size image

Some of the recordings with Randy Jo Hobbs are:

  • Rick Derringer Glass Derringer (1976) Bass Jimi Hendrix Woke Up This Morning (1980) Bass
  • Jimi Hendrix NYC ’68 (1998) Bass
  • Jimi Hendrix New York Session (1998) Bass
  • Montrose Jump on It (1976) Bass
  • Edgar Winter & White Trash Roadwork (1972) Bass
  • Edgar Winter They Only Come out at Night (1972) Bass
  • Edgar and Johnny Winter Together – Live (1976) Bass
  • Johnny Winter Johnny Winter And… (1970) Bass
  • Johnny Winter Johnny Winter And…Live (1971) Bass
  • Johnny Winter Still Alive and Well (1973) Bass
  • Johnny Winter Saints & Sinners (1974) Bass
  • Johnny Winter John Dawson Winter III (1974) Bass
  • Johnny Winter Captured Live! (1976) Bass
  • Johnny Winter Scorchin’ Blues (1992) Bass